Graduate Programs in the School of Music

The School of Music offers the Master of Arts (M.A.) with specialty areas or emphases in musicology or theory; Master of Music (M.M.) with specialty areas in performance (including choral or instrumental conducting), composition, sacred music, music therapy, or music education; Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.) with specialty areas in performance (including choral or instrumental conducting), or composition; and the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) with specialty areas in musicology, music education or theory. The applicant for the masterʹs degree is expected to have earned an appropriate undergraduate degree, and the applicant for the doctoral degree is expected to have earned an appropriate masterʹs degree or equivalent.

Graduate work is also  provided for persons seeking Rank I and Rank II state certification in music education. Requirements for Rank II coincide with those for the M.M. in Music Education; requirements for Rank I may be completed by a planned and approved 30 semester hour program in addition to Rank II requirements or 60 semester hours of planned and approved graduate credit, including the masterʹs degree.

For complete information on entrance and degree requirement, please see the Graduate School Bulletin.

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For information on procedures see the Graduate Student Handbook.

How to apply 

Graduate Degrees

Course Descriptions (Graduate School Bulletin)

Auditions and Entrance Exams

  • Audition/Exam Registration Form - There is no charge to take the graduate entrance exam on the regularly scheduled dates. Applicants who are not able to take the exams on a scheduled date may contact a proctor and arrange to take them at a mutually convenient time. The proctor’s name is Ann Harrington and she can be contacted at The cost to schedule a privately proctored exam is $75 or if two or more people take it at the same time, $50 each. Applicants for the fall semester should plan to take the exams by early March and complete their applications by March 15th.

Special requirements for DMA applicants:

Scholarships, Fellowships, Assistantships and other financial assistance
Out of state students who meet certain merit criteria are eligible for a waiver of the out of state portion of tuition. See also the UK UK Financial Aid Office.