Faculty & Staff

Please Note

Due to the School of Art & Visual Studies moving to their new building, several faculty and staff office locations and some phone numbers are out of date. A few Music and Arts Administration faculty are also affected. We have a large number to update and are working to ensure all information is corrected as soon as possible. In the mean time, if you need to contact any CFA faculty or staff member, email is guaranteed accurate.

This notice will be removed as soon as all updates are complete. Thank you for your understanding!

Associate Director, Director of...
Assoc. Professor of Photography
Director, Singletary Center
Director of The UK Art Museum
Associate Dean, Director,...
Professor of Art History
Chair of Theatre & Dance
- Acting, Movement & Directing
Director of the School of Music
Program Director
Arts Administration
Dean of the College of Fine Arts
Administrative Assistant
Professor of Musicology
Associate Professor
Voice, Dir. of Undergraduate Studies
Assistant Professor, Director...
Associate Professor
Music Theory
Associate Professor
Associate Professor of Sculpture
Metal Arts
Director of Bands
Associate Professor
Music Theory
Associate Professor, Associate...
Emeritus Associate Professor