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"After changing my major from Communications to Art Studio at the beginning of my sophomore year, I finally found my niche at the University of Kentucky. I was looking for a close-knit community, and under the College of Fine Arts, I found it! Instead of being lost in a sea of students, I have made real connections and recognize familiar faces and acquaintances on the University sidewalks and throughout Lexington who I know share the same passions and interests as me despite the breadth and diversity of our backgrounds. That is such an awesome, inspiring, and comforting thought to keep with me as I continue to reach outside my comfort zone in order to experience growth and learning. Being a College of Fine Arts student ambassador constantly reminds me of that excitement of starting out a new college experience. It is fun and nostalgic helping new students discover this close community where they can pursue their passions but are given the confidence and support to continue exploring opportunities that reach out to the rest of the University, Commonwealth, and the world."

- Hayley Black, Class of 2014
Art Studio, Minors in Art History and Dance