B.A. & B.F.A. Art Studio

Art Studio

Degrees Offered – B.A., B.F.A., and M.F.A.

Students wishing to major in art studio have a choice of two undergraduate degrees. The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree is for those who wish to create a broad foundation based on the tradition of a liberal arts education, suitable for many possible career paths (similar to majoring in such fields as History, English, Sociology, etc.). The Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree offers a more specialized curriculum, which is especially useful for those students seeking specific careers as professional artists, designers, and for graduate studies in the visual arts.  But whether students pursue a B.A. or a B.F.A. they will gain critical skills for succeeding in today’s world, including but not limited to the ability to work with still and moving images and the latest software, and the manipulation of traditional media and forms of expression as drawing, ceramics, metal sculpture and other intermedia sculptural constructions such as fiber art, photography, video, digital design, etc.  Students may choose to specialize in one or more of the following areas:

• Ceramics (Course Descriptions)
• Sculpture
• Drawing
• Fiber
• Installation/Performance
• Painting
• New Media/Intermedia
 Printmedia (Course Descriptions)

All in-coming studio majors undertake a prescribed sequence of courses in our Foundations Program.  This program consists in part of three three-credit studios, one each from three distinct media areas.  Students also participate in a Freshman exhibition (featuring work created in the two Freshman Foundation courses).  Upon completion of the Foundations program students wishing to become either BA or BFA studio majors submit portfolios of their work for evaluation.  The portfolio is to include selected works of art from each of the student’s premajor foundation courses as well as a selection of works that indicates the student’s current proposed direction. The portfolio will be created as a requirement of the Professional Practices in Art Studio (A-S 201).

All our courses are listed here.

B.A. Art Studio

The B.A. degree in studio provides a broad-based, liberal arts-based education that has proven useful for our graduates who have developed successful careers outside the traditional visual arts fields.  We encourage students to take a broad range of courses, in such disciplines as English, Film Studies, History, Arts Administration, and Business Adminstration.  In addition, studio majors have the option of focusing on a single medium or combination of media within Art Studio, including areas that have extensive non-art applications, such as digital media, where students master such proprietary software as Photoshop™ and Final Cut Pro™.  Before graduation, students in the B.A. program exhibit their work in a group show in the School’s Barnhart Gallery.  

B.F.A. Art Studio

The B.F.A. program will allow for development of studio practice at a more focused, sophisticated and preprofessional level. This degree is available to students who demonstrate special abilities through a B.F.A. portfolio review, during which the student will present their work to a faculty jury.  Students will be considered for admission based on their advanced level of study, their current proposed direction, and strong evidence that they can succeed in creating a coherent body of work for a solo exhibition. Students will be present during the review to answer questions regarding formal, technical and conceptual elements of their work. In addition to the in-person review, students will submit an artist’s statement and documentation of work presented during the review.  Besides additional studio coursework BFA students are required to create a solo exhibition during their senior year.


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